Wojciech Bruszewski. Across Realities

Wojciech Bruszewski. across realities

Authors: David Crowley, Marika Kuźmicz, Michał Libera, Łukasz Mojsak, Daniel Muzyczuk, Mike Sperlinger
Language: English, Polish, German
Warsaw 2014
Published by Fundacja Arton / www.fundacjaarton.pl
ISBN 978-83-938023-1-3



The book is an attempt of a revision and a reinterpretation of the body of work of Polish artist Wojciech Bruszewski (1947–2009). Bruszewski was multimedia artist who worked in photography, film, video, installation and computer graphics. He was a member and co-founder of the Zero-61 group (1965–1968) and the Film Form Workshop (1970–1977). Wojciech Bruszewski. across realities includes essays of curators and art theorists: David Crowley, Marika Kuźmicz, Michał Libera, Łukasz Mojsak, Daniel Muzyczuk, and Mike Sperlinger focused on his works from the 70’, connected to the activity of the Film Form Workshop, a group created by students and graduates of the PWSFTviT higher film school in Łódź that analyzed the film medium. In Bruszewski’s case this analysis was conducted especially by researching the connections between the visual and audial components of films.

Table of Content:
Marika Kuźmicz, Preface
Marika Kuźmicz, Magister Ludi
Mike Sperlinger, Made in the Dark (or, the Perception of Doors)
Łukasz Mojsak, A Work of Chance. On Text, Combinatorics and Randomness in the Works of Wojciech Bruszewski
Michał Libera, Daniel Muzyczuk, Microscopes for Listening. Synchronisations and Desynchronisations in Wojciech Bruszewski’s Sound Works
David Crowley, A Little Music about Wojciech Bruszewski


Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland
Translation: Łukasz Mojsak, Paulina Piotrowska-Motyka, Jakub Zgierski
Editors: Marika Kuźmicz, Łukasz Mojsak, Jakub Zgierski
English copy-editor: Meagan Down
Graphic design: Magdalena Frankowska, Artur Frankowski, Fontarte / www.fontarte.com
176 pages


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