Contemporary Lynx Magazine 1(17)2022


The main theme: Animals: New Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions

Even in the 21st century, we are still discovering new species of animals living alongside us. We search for new forms of life in the universe and develop artificial intelligence, yet we lack empathy towards all creatures, including our smaller companions. Particularly at the current time, a time of war, we should consider how we can act here and now. It is about time we reassessed our position not only in relation to our geopolitical neighbour, but also in relation to another neighbour that we often overlook and systematically annihilate: animals. They are the main focus of the new issue of our magazine, in which we attempt to look at the world from a non-human perspective, and will focus on topics such as animal rights, the animal as a metaphor for human affairs, behaviours, states or the perception of animals by different cultures.



Our journey begins with the cover designed by Kasia Walentynowicz, who invites us to experience peace, to lie down for a while on a flowery meadow among flowers and bees and to look at the world from the position of an animal hiding in a thicket, through the eyes of a lynx. Then, in our conversation with Jakob Kudsk Steensen we will enter his vast virtual landscapes and immediately immerse ourselves in three-dimensional worlds, exploring interpretations of overlooked natural phenomena: extinct birds, tropical forests or disappearing wetlands. We also interviewed Marta Bogdańska, photographer and film-maker, who provides a critical look at the history of human domination over other animal species in her project ‘Shifters,’ about which she will tell us more.

In this issue you will also find a photo essay by Laurence Kubski, who explores the relationship between humans and animals. In the ‘Crickets’ project, she documents her exploration of Chinese cricket culture. What’s more, two writers address the ethical aspect of our relationship with animals by considering the changing role of natural history museums and questioning how close we are to nature. The magazine also features Disnovation‘s intriguing project, ‘The Post Growth Toolkit,’ a board game about biodiversity and geodiversity, and the transfer of resources between species.

In addition, we also explore other points of view in cinema, documentary film or design trends. In the essay ‘A Search for a Different Gaze’ we explore the relationship between animals and film, and how it is changing today, touching upon the quintessence of the very nature of the art of cinema, along with its moral, social, political and economic contexts. We also continue our series on the ‘Great Film Directors’ to give you a unique opportunity to take a look at the previously unpublished animated film screenplay ‘The Stag’ by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Inside the magazine, you will also find articles about:

  • NFTs and their place in the art world;

  • How have Natural History Museums changed over the years;

  • Ethics in the art world and the controversies surrounding it;

  • Sustainable design that can help save our waters;

  • How can art help in saving environment;

  • Art and culture in Zagreb.

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